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My Story

Hi, I'm Summer.


Living in San Francisco some years ago, I was going through a challenging yet exciting time in my life. And I wanted the decor of my studio apartment to inspire and uplift me.

found a big, beautiful, colorful wall hanging that did just that.

It stayed on my wall for the three years I lived in that apartment, making me smile and feel happier every time I saw it. It had a profound effect on my mood, energy and creativity. The wall hanging cut through SF’s foggy gloom, and helped me stay present and focus on my bright future.

I'm in such a different place in life now, partially because I brought positive and powerful influences into my life like that wall hanging.

My time in San Francisco feels like lifetimes ago, and I’m currently loving life in Southeast Asia, frequently spending time in Bali.

Recently, I found that my tropical living space needed some art inspiration. Remembering the power of that San Francisco wall hanging, 

I decided to create my own high vibration art.

Focusing on the best feelings I could conjure – love, vitality, abundance, and of course Bali magic – I created designs to express those emotions. And honestly, I’m really excited about how they turned out.

Now, I’d like to share these positive feelings and powerful creations with you.

I believe that a favorite shirt can help us feel more beautiful and confident; a pillow that makes us smile; or a gorgeous, inspiring piece of art can have a tremendous impact on our day-to-day outlook, and therefore our lives.

I believe that we deserve to feel good.

I believe feeling good can influence our work, play, abundance, health and love in tangible ways.

Is there something you’d like more of in your life – love, fun, abundance, vitality, joy?

Or maybe some other feeling that resonates with you? Perhaps one of these creations will speak to you, and can help add more of that desired feeling to your life. 

Will an Abundant Universe Mandala Print inspire feelings of prosperity?

Perhaps you'll feel more in the flow in the Ocean Vitality Tee.

Or would the Supercharged Love Mandala Print make you swoon every time you saw it?



I invite you to explore Revel and Bask.

Perhaps there's a creation that can support and empower your own journey the way the bold wall hanging supported mine.

Thank you for reading my story, and wishing you lots of love, abundance, vitality and general awesomeness!!


I’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch if you have ideas or feelings you’d like to see expressed in my art, or just want to say hi.

And I’d love to hear about your experiences wearing, living with or using Revel and Bask designs, and welcome your photos and stories.